Our Meals

Bredwell’s custom meals are complete and balanced, and we make them to order based on your dog's nutritional requirements and taste preferences.

All of our meals are prepared in our storefront kitchen in Barrington, Illinois. We assemble each online order in a case filled with a two-week supply of 14 individual meals, and you have the option of our convenient subscription service to replenish your supply every two weeks thereafter. Of course, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Barrington, we’d love to welcome you in and send you home with a takeout meal.

Every Bredwell custom meal is made only fresh to order, never beforehand. The moment you’ve shared your dog’s personal preferences with us, our kitchen prepares your specific meal. Whatever your choices, you can be assured that our meals are sized to match the size of your dog and will provide just the right number of calories and nutrients they need—no measuring or guesswork on your end.

We assemble each Bredwell meal using these three key components:

Calling them kibble wouldn’t do them justice. Our Bredwell Bits are packed with 23 essential vitamins and minerals and beneficial nutrients like omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, supplying complete nutrition and a delightful crunch. And like every other component of your custom meal, you can choose the kibble formula that’s best for your dog: Adult, Active, Senior, or Healthy Weight


Our top-quality proteins elevate your custom meal to something truly special for your dog. We cook fresh chicken, beef, salmon, and pork right in our own kitchen, just like you would if you were cooking at home. 


We top each meal with a fruit or vegetable garnish of your choice to add the flavor and variety you know your dog will love:

Peas, Carrots & Bell Peppers 

Apples & Dried Berries 

Bacon & Cheese 

We’ll also be offering seasonal selections for a nice surprise—and an extra tail wag.


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