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Adult Kibble


Welcome to Bredwell! We are thrilled you have trusted us to create meals for your dog. We want to be assured we deliver the best meal to meet your dog's nutritional needs and fresh to order. To do so, we need to understand a little bit about your dog, his/her health and your relationship with them. Please take our quiz which will help you and our staff prepare a meal guaranteed to be Best in Bowl! Thank you!
Lisa Shade
Dog Parent to Walter & Gus, CEO

Your Dog

What's your dog's name?
Is your dog a boy or girl?
What breed or mix is your dog?
When was your dog's birthday?

Your dog’S HEALTH

We'd like to understand a bit about Pet's overall health and wellness. How easy it for Pet to get up and get going?

How would you decsribe Pet's skin and coat?

How would you describe Pet's teeth and breath?

How would you describe Pet's stool?

Can you provide Pet's approximate weight in lbs?

Would you say Pet is underweight/ideal/overweight for Pet's breed?

Is Pet neutered?/Is Pet spayed, pregnant, nursing?


How active do you keep Pet?

What types of activities do you share?

What is your favorite thing to do together?


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